Statement of Purpose

“At Stuart McBain we strive to treat our clients, stakeholders and staff in a professional, ethical and open manner.

Over the years we have developed our procedures, processes and workflows to accommodate this ethos in the way we work and act. During the past 3 years we have incorporated these goals into our Corporate, social and Responsibility policy document which can be seen in the attached PDF”

Stuart McBain Proprietor .

Please note that we are currently reviewing and updating our CSR policy document to take into account our annual review and updated policies and procedures both internally and nationally in line with current legislation and other external factors. 


Sustainability is a word that is used far too easily these days. Whether that is in relation to the environment, economics or socially, genuinely sustainable best practice is hard to find.


Stuart is passionate about sustainability, believing that it is critical to remember that in business, you have a responsibility to give something back to the communities from which you take, giving due respect to the world in which you live and the people with whom you interact.  You won’t find us talking about our green credentials and waving environmental awards in your face.  It is all too easy to make those claims without genuine foundation to sustainability.  We believe our sustainability is better evidenced through our actions.

Climate change is increasingly making its presence felt in all areas of life and business. There is a common responsibility for us to take care of the environment in order to limit the harm done by our lifestyles for future generations.  At Stuart McBain we are committed to reducing the impact on the environment through our daily working activities.  This is demonstrated in our consideration of our waste, use of water and energy, through to the materials we use day to day and our use of transport.  We look to recycle and dispose of waste responsibly, to use control programs for the use of water, heat and light and always look to use responsibly manufactured materials that are recyclable, wherever possible.

We have developed a specialism in working with clients in the sustainable/renewable energy sector, believing passionately that this is a critical part of the future if we are to pass on our planet in a fit condition for future generations.

We are proud to work with those developing solar, wind, water and other renewable energies such as ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.  Some of our clients are at the cutting edge of these technologies and we are genuinely excited about the incredible developments we are seeing in this sector. Every company has its own interpretation of the term ‘community’, but at its purest form, we believe it is expressed in everyone being considerate to everybody with whom they interact.  This ethos informs our approach to all of our relationships and we are passionate about taking an active involvement in our communities.

Stuart McBain Ltd operates a volunteer programme, where staff are invited to volunteer regular working days with their chosen charity. This means our staff can make a difference with practical hands-on help, without using their own holiday allowance.  We actively support the regeneration of our surrounding area and document and record all financial and in-kind contributions to celebrate them as a team and with our clients.

Our holistic approach to sustainability means we can genuinely claim to be sustainable environmentally, financially and socially and we share our best practice with our clients, encouraging them to develop a sustainable approach to running their businesses.

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