Charge Around Iceland

On 29th September 2017 myself, my mother and Mark Gorecki arrived in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland in order to drive around the Icelandic ring road which by and large is considered the coast road of Iceland.  Whilst we were not the first to do this as a local owner of a Tesla had done the […]

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Can Renewable Energy replace Fossil fuels in the UK?

A Thesis by Daniel Dickson Fossil fuel reserves, such as oil and gas, are vital resources in the modern world; responsible for powering homes, transport and business. Therefore, fossil fuel depletion time is a fundamental question which much be answered. Understanding how long conventional fossil fuel reserves will last is of key importance to help develop […]

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Adventure two – Food Sustainability

June saw the start of adventure two – Food Sustainability. This adventure has taken a research and enquiry approach and is based on the UK’s ability to be self-sufficient in food supply. This is a hot topic just now with the impact of Brexit and growing awareness of “food miles”, genetically modified (GM) foods, health […]

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Charging Round Britain

Stuart completed the first Adventure on 8th April 2017 totalling 23 days of driving around the coast of Britain in the Electric Tesla car. Charging Round Britain was completed successfully, forming new alliances with like-minded companies who are also interested in sustainability.  The outreach through social media for Charging Around Britain Ltd generated interest and […]

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Adventure One

Stuart McBain is also the Director of Charging Around Britain Ltd, which is a company primarily set up for the PR/Marketing of all things eco-friendly. The main objective of the company is to provide education, management and professional services to organisations and individuals who operate in the sustainability and renewable sector.  Stuart and the team […]

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Sustainability field notes

Sustainability field notes is a collection of my thoughts, actions, stories and events that help me and others further the debate on things renewable, green and eco-friendly.  It is designed to give an insight into the work that Stuart McBain Ltd is doing to promote the sustainability agenda. The underlying approach that we are taking […]

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