Stuart McBain Ltd

Stuart McBain Ltd

We are a small, friendly and close-knit team of financial professionals who work closely together to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Full training and personal development is provided to all staff and our communications policy ensures staff are informed and where appropriate will feel involved in key decisions affecting the business.

The family atmosphere in which we work makes for a positive and pleasant working environment which our clients enjoy being a part of.

  • Stuart McBain


  • Michala Carney

    Office Manager & Senior Accountant

  • Anna Donbavand

    Senior Accountant

  • Kayleigh Reddington


  • Anthony Ross


  • Aaron Strachan

    Office Administration

  • Francesca Walsh

    Payroll Clerk

  • Rafael Griffiths

    Office Administrator

Stuart McBain

Stuart is a local entrepreneur and accountant with over 25 years’ experience with clients and business interests throughout the UK.

He serves on the Liverpool board of the IOD and is well known among the sustainability community in Liverpool, where he advises many organisations both in a professional capacity and also through his vast knowledge gained from over 40 years of interest and passion with regards energy.

In the last nine months, he has undertaken two “adventures” to disprove “range anxiety”. The first, driving around Britain in an EV – some 3000 plus miles –  and then undertaking a similar journey around the beautiful country of Iceland, followed by presenting at the widely acclaimed Energy branding conference in front of many industry icons from around Scandinavia and Europe.

He is currently working with a small dedicated team of professionals to help define and measure organisational outputs from prepared accounts which will give  CSR and sustainability professionals not only a base line to compare, but an actual measure to quantify, true “Triple Bottom Line Accounting”.

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Michala Carney

Michala (known as Kayla) started working from Stuart McBain Ltd in 2006. She is a trusted and exceptionally talented member of the team, and is ready to assist to problem solve any issues that her colleagues have in their work.

Stuart promoted Kayla in 2023 to Office Manager and at present she organises her time between work, management and training to become a Chartered Accountant. In her office work, her clients always feel that they are in safe hands with her professional, intelligent and engaging approach. In her spare time, Kayla loves to socialise with her friends and spend time with her young family.

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Anna Donbavand

Anna is the longest serving member of staff at Stuart McBain Ltd. She has worked in the UK since moving from the Philippines in 2005.

She has a graduated University with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Her depth of knowledge and experience is an integral part of the business and the rest of the staff benefit from her experience. Her clients are extremely comfortable with her style and guidance; they always feel valued with her professionalism and personal approach. In her spare time she loves to travel and socialise with her friends and spending time with her young family.

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Kayleigh Reddington

Kayleigh joined our team in September 2016 as an administration officer before moving onto heading our payroll department and most recently controlling our company’s accounts.

Coming from a legal and banking background, Stuart, through his contacts, was able to attain Kayleigh’s exceptional talented persona for Stuart McBain Ltd. Kayleigh is an influential part of our team and her careful guidance, correspondence and detail to attention in her work is valued by all her clients. Kayleigh brings warmth and expertise to the office. She is finishing her studying with the AAT and in her personal life, Kayleigh loves travelling abroad, socialising with close friends and spending time with her young family.

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Anthony Ross

Anthony joined our team in February 2019 after leaving the teaching profession which he worked in for ten years. He is our First Aid qualified member of staff. He is currently finishing his final training as an accountant.

In addition to this, he has a wealth of dealing with clients, and this allows them to feel at ease. He has a terrific sense of humour which is loved by all in the office. In his spare time, he referees football for the FA within the North West of England. He is also an avid reader and enjoys spending time with his young family and friends.

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Aaron Strachan

Aaron joined Stuart McBain Ltd in September 2019 upon leaving Gateacre Comprehensive Secondary School. He controls all administration throughout the office and is an integral part to our onboarding process.

With his expertise, our clients feel instantly valued with his professional approach as he maintains a strong link between the office and our clients. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys walking his dogs and socialising with his friends. He is exceptionally talented at anything his casts his hand too including car maintenance and building.

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Francesca Walsh

Francesca joined Stuart McBain Ltd in August 2023. She is a bright and conscientious lady who strives to meet all deadlines and has high expectations of herself.

Her personality shines through her smile every day and brings with it a summer warmth to the office. Her education from Hillside Secondary school led her to studying Law in Newcastle University. Upon leaving she took a different avenue and now operates the payroll department here at Stuart McBain Ltd. In her private time she loves socialising with friends and travelling.

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Rafael Griffiths

Rafael joined our team in April 2024 as an administration clerk. Upon leaving St Francis Xavier, Rafael trained as a joiner. When finishing this, he took up a different employment avenue by joining our team in the Accountancy and Finance department.

He organises our office and ensures the client’s documents are available on request and filing is fulfilled.

Rafael also in an integral part of the onboarding system and Is in charge of client contracts.

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By taking the time to understand your business and its individual needs, we make sure our services are tailored to you.  This means we can spot the best opportunities to help your business to grow and flourish and to operate as efficiently as possible.  It also means our clients are protected from any unpleasant surprises that might affect their businesses ability to succeed.

Our close knit team are effective communicators, both within and outside our business and our services are built upon solid foundations of honesty and transparency.  We show respect and regard for each other and our clients.  Most of all, we enjoy our work and we want our clients to enjoy their experience of working with us.