Adventure One

Stuart McBain is also the Director of Charging Around Britain Ltd, which is a company primarily set up for the PR/Marketing of all things eco-friendly. The main objective of the company is to provide education, management and professional services to organisations and individuals who operate in the sustainability and renewable sector.  Stuart and the team at Charging Around Britain Ltd aim to do this by taking on a series of ‘Adventures’ in different areas of life e.g. Housing, Transport, Food etc.

As a starting point, Stuart’s first adventure (namely Charging Round Britain) will look at transport.

Stuart will be driving his electric vehicle around the coast of Britain, the journey will take 23 days and will cover over 3000 miles.  Throughout the journey, Stuart will be stopping at various places of interest in the eco-friendly/clean-tech sector, keeping a daily log of his activity and drumming up as much coverage by media and social media as possible.  He is doing this in hope that the coverage will quash the misconception that Electric Vehicles have a limited range (Range Anxiety) and to inspire people to transform their way of living to one in which is environmentally friendly and therefore good for our planet.

Charging Round Britain see’s Stuart setting off on Friday 17th March 2017 at 2pm and you can follow his journey here: or by Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

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